Dog Boarding Near Collingwood

All our dog guests are treated to outstanding care and fun! In our peaceful rural setting, we have lots of outdoor space to entertain our dog playgroups in a safe and energetic daily routine. The large 1 acre play yard is equipped with toys that provide the stimulation and interactive play dogs require.

Each guest is individually monitored to ensure their daily energy requirements are met, and are tired, ready to retire in their own suite for a good night's rest. We look forward to all season's outdoor activity with our four-legged friends. For those pets that require special attention or are independent (but not aggressive) we provide individual playtime and on leash activity.

For meal menus, we require each guest to provide their own food and special treats to ensure a consistent diet. Please also include a little extra food "just in case" and also sometimes our guests require a little more food because they are using more energy than at home. 

We will administer any required pill/liquid medications/vitamin supplements.  We do not administer injections.

We supply the Silverware!

We feed twice a day, breakfast and dinner, we also supply the silverware!  So please, do not pack any water or food bowls. Any special treats may be included, or we also have some on hand.  When packing kibble please bring in original bag or put in a plastic container, not in a plastic shopping or garbage bag.  Raw food diets are welcome, please package the meals individually, clearly labelled, and leak proof.

Our boarding services along with daily playtimes for our guests are inclusive and part of our daily routine with no extra fees.  

The sPaw is a popular service our guests enjoy after much play before departure day, book ahead!

We encourage you to bring a bed that gently smells like home for your furry friend to snuggle up on, as well as appropriate chew toys or stuffies.

Boarding fees and times are as follows:

  • One small dog (under 15lbs) is $34 per night, plus $16 for each additional guest in the same suite.
  • Medium/Large dog is $36 per night, plus $18 for each additional guest in the same suite.
  • Check in/out times are Monday to Saturday between 9-10am or 4-5pm, and Sunday between 4-5pm.
  • Long weekends, we are closed Sunday (and Monday am), with check out available on the Holiday Monday between 4-5pm.
  •  If you choose the afternoon on check out day (between 4-5pm), add 1/2 day fee.
  • sPaw services available, starting at $20.

Healthy Environment

We require all vaccinations (including Bordetella) to be up to date. Please read our health requirements and frequently asked questions to  ensure all the health requirements are met.  The health of our guests are important to us.


Please feel free to contact us today or book your stay with Blue Mountain Pets Hotel, "your pets home away from home".



Blue Mountain Pets Hotel is a wonderful “home away from home” for my golden retriever Bella. When Bella real..  ...more!