Cat Boarding Near Collingwood

We now offer our cat hotel in a separate facility from our dog hotel!  It is a large, bright area where all of our private 6-level condos open into a rec room area for play. Our condos will accommodate 2 cats from same family            or extra large individuals. Once our feline guests become comfortable with the daily routine they are welcome to come out of their condo to wander and climb the cat trees.   Lots of our regular feline guests have become part of the welcoming commitee, with their curious nature and lure of a chin or belly rub!

Healthy Environment

We require that our feline guests are up-to-date with their vaccinations, and flea protection.  We require the veterinarian vaccination certificate at the check in appointment time. Please read our health requirements and frequently asked questions to make sure you have all the health requirements.  The health of our guests is important to us.    We do not administer injections.


In order to minimize change, we ask you to provide their food, a blanket or small cozy bed that gently smells like home. Our guests feeding schedule is generally twice a day, and any instructions for adhering to their accustomed schedule are welcomed. We provide bedding(as required), feeding dishes, litter and litter pans.

Cat Boarding Prices

  • Boarding fees for one cat is $20 per night, or $38 for guests who come together and need individual condos.
  • Check in/out times are Monday to Saturday between 9-10am or 4-5pm, and Sunday between 4-5pm.
  • Long weekends, we are closed Sunday (and Monday am), with check out available on the Holiday Monday between 4-5pm.
  • If checking out in the afternoon (between 4-5pm), add a 1/2 day fee.


Please feel free to contact us today or book your stay with Blue Mountain Pets Hotel, "your pets home away from home".



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