Tom McCullough

Blue Mountain Pets Hotel is a wonderful “home away from home” for my golden retriever Bella.  When Bella realizes we’re arriving at the Blue Mountain Pets Hotel, she gets excited and you can tell she wants to be there.  Bella greets Bernice enthusiastically every time we arrive, the same way she does with members of our own family that she hasn’t seen for awhile.

I think that’s because of the special care and individual attention she gets at the Blue Mountain Pets Hotel.  The staff take care in matching up compatible dogs for their playtimes romping in the spacious enclosed yard.  Bernice is very conscientious in giving Bella the regular medications she needs to take to manage her allergies. The spacious indoor-outdoor runs are comfortable and spotless  And Bella often sees some of the same doggy friends she has played with before, including Maple!

It is a great comfort to know that when I’m away, whether for a day or 2, or a week or 2, that Bella is “on vacation” too – so well cared for and enjoying herself.

Thanks Bernice!


Ruby May has been staying with Bernice and her pal Maple Sugar at the Blue Mountain Pets Hotel for a number of years. Fo..  ...more!